House Plants

Probably one of our trendiest departments, the Plant Shop is filled with house plants to add a little green in your home. Yes, house plants follow trends too – just like the rest of interior design. We always have the classics on hand and trendy, just plain cool plants.

From itty-bitty terrarium plants to large palms and indoor trees – we have something to fit your space and style. Sometimes indoor lighting can pose challenges for house plant owners. We make it easy to choose the right plant for your lighting by grouping them into Plants for Low Light, Medium Light, and Bright Light. We even have a section for Plants for Clean Air to keep your home’s air purified and healthy.

Cacti & Succulents
These easy care plants have taken on the greenhouse industry by storm…and also the clothing, art, wedding, and CAKE industries. To summarize: they are everywhere. We stock cacti and succulents all year in the greenhouse in so many shapes, sizes, and vibrant colors.

  • Free Potting Service – Purchase a plant and a pot together and we’ll pot it up for free.
House plants