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Primrose Care Instructions

Learn the best tips for primrose care.

The Primrose, with bright and cheery flowers, are irresistible as the first harbinger of spring. Available in almost every color of the rainbow, they make a great gift or addition to your windowsill.

Fairy Primrose – or Malecoides – and Obconica are two types of Primrose. These are larger varieties with unusual flower configurations. They enjoy the same growing conditions as regular Primrose, but usual do not overwinter outdoors.

Water and Feeding

Be careful to avoid overwatering. This is the main problem with Primrose care. The soil should remain evenly moist but not wet. They should be fertilized weekly with low-analysis fertilizer such as 10-10-10.


A critical environmental factor, the plants should be kept as cool as possible indoors, and planted in a shady spot outdoors.

Pests and Diseases

Aphids are the most common insect pests on Primrose. They are easily controlled by an insecticide. A systemic type is the most effective when aphids are on the underside of the leaves.

Red Spider Mites – This plant is very susceptible to attacks of red spiders. A regular check on the underside of the leaves is necessary.

Red Spider Mite on Leaf

Leaf Spot – Ramularia

This disease occurs especially at low temperatures and high relative humidity. Yellow spots will appear on the leaves, and then the edges of the spots will turn brown. Avoid watering the leaves and water in the morning.

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