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Presto Pesto!

Looking for a fresh and simple summer time meal? Well the perfect pesto is within your grasp. All you need is seven ingredients and a food processor or blender!

Now…Margaret, cafe manager and head cook at the Country Cafe does not often hand out our recipes. We are sharing this in the confidence you will use the information for good, instead of evil.

The most important thing to remember when making pesto; this is your product that you can make to your taste. Margaret likes alot of basil where you might like more garlic. Make the recipe as written then adjust to your flavor preferences. When she makes this recipe, Margaret uses a sweeter basil but there are many varieties to choose from.

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in food processor or blender. Process on high. Slowly add olive oil while blending. Pesto is finished when it creates a slightly smooth sauce.

But now you ask, what can I do with this deliciously fragrant concoction I’ve made? Well, we have three delectable suggestions for you.


Add pesto to a pasta of your choice for an easy side dish. Margaret suggests a radiatore because the grooves will help soak up the pesto and make each bite a burst of flavor. Add sliced chicken to make it an entrée.

Caprese Salad Topping

A traditional Caprese salad is made with mozzerella, tomato, and topped with oil and garlic. Take this classic dish to a new level by topping instead with fresh made pesto.

Pesto Mayo

The easiest thing you can do with pesto is add it to some mayonnaise for a fresh and delicious sandwich spread. Add as much or as little as you want to the mayo and mix thoroughly. Spread on a turkey and cheese sandwich.

There is so much more to learn about pesto that Margaret can teach you this July 22nd at 2:30pm! She will be demonstrating this recipe along with showing you how to pick basils for different pesto flavors.

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