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Say "hello" to Fern! This is our schoolie turned mobile popup plant shop! Fern is a new and unique way for Ashcombe to come to you, your business, or your community with fresh, seasonal plants.

In 2021, Fern went out on its first tour of Central Pennsylvania visiting local retirement communities and nursing homes. But Fern brings plants far and wide. From local farmer's markets to festivals and even corporate parties, Fern is available as a vendor.

How does it work?

Fern and an Ashcombe employee come to your location and set up shop for 1-2 hours. Plants for sale are based on seasonal availability. Residents can purchase plants directly from the bus. Cash or check payments are preferred but cards are accepted.

For retirement communities/nursing homes: Fern is available to come to your community! Fern comes by with a bus full of plants for your residents at no cost to you. Residents choose their plants and purchase directly from Ashcombe. All you need to do is schedule a date. It's that simple.

For private and corporate events: Businesses can prepay Ashcombe for a certain number of select plants as gifts for your employees. Fern and an Ashcombe employee will come to your event to distribute the plants and care instructions. Additionally, you can opt for a potting option that allows your employees to purchase a container and have their new plant potted on site!

To book Fern for an upcoming event, or to schedule a plant bus visit, contact us at Contact@ashcombe.com


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