What makes Ashcombe different from other garden centers? We grow the plants here! Our plant production department is a team dedicated to growing the highest quality annuals, vegetables, houseplants, and herbs. 

The Ashcombe Production Department works in 82,000 square feet of covered greenhouses with 35,000 square feet of outdoor growing area.

Can you guess how many individual plants the production team plants, cares for, and grows in one calendar year? It's over 300,000 plants!

Of those roughly 300,000 plants you can find:

Approximately 176,000 Annual plants including 4-packs, single pots, hanging baskets, and containers.

Production is responsible for over 11,000 mums of all shapes, sizes, and colors in the summer and fall.

When spring is on its way, the vegetable season begins in the greenhouses where our team grows over 60,000 vegetable plants including more than 20 varieties of peppers, more than 40 varieties of tomatoes, and so much more.

Even with so many plants, there are no cutting corners. The Ashcombe Production team is what sets us apart from other garden centers. Comprised of 15 hard-working, skilled growers, they are out there, every day of the year, with their hands in the dirt making sure our plants are high-quality and healthy when you come to our store.

In 2023, we started our From Seed to Sale campaign to help you find Ashcombe-grown plants in our store. Our founder, Glenn Gross, started Ashcombe 61 years ago by growing produce and wholesale plants "from seed to sale," and used that as a building block for growing Ashcombe into what it is today.

You deserve to know where your plants come from. When you're shopping at Ashcombe, look for From Seed to Sale signage and you'll know that plant was grown just steps away by talented growers who love plants.

Interested in touring our greenhouses? Contact us!

mums in the fields