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New Product with New Recipes!

Our gourmet foods section is introducing a new product line! Village Eatinghouse Handcrafted Sauces! The company is 20+ years old and has been serving customers delicious sauces with easy to follow, easy to make recipes since its inception. Owners Clay and Melanie Phillips created VEH products to help you feel confident and inspired in your food preparation! VEH Products are made for creativity in the kitchen. The spice blends and ease of the sauces takes all the anxiety out of cooking! VEH has easy to follow recipes on their website, but we’ve compiled some of our favorites just for you!

Tart Cherry Poppy Seed

Village Eatinghouse Tart Cherry Poppy Seed

This recipe is quick and simple for any backyard BBQ or a simple sweet summer meal!

Grilled Citrus Shrimp with Village Eatinghouse Tart Cherry Poppy Seed

Sultry and Smoky Italian

Village Eatinghouse Sultry and Smoky Italian

Can you say comfort food? Spicy Mac N’ Cheese is the best of both worlds, creamy with a little kick!

Buffalo Mac N' Cheese with Village Eatinghouse Sultry & Smoky Italian

Sweet & Sour Italian

Village Eatinghouse Sweet and Sour Italian

Country Spare Ribs? That’s a big YES. Slather your ribs in Sweet & Sour Italian for a delicious marinade and fall of the bone meat!

Sweet & Sour Italian Country Spare Ribs with Village Eatinghouse Sweet & Sour Italian

Bold & Sassy Italian

Village Eatinghouse Bold and Sassy Italian

Yes, it’s another shrimp recipe but this one is even easier than the last!

Bold & Sassy Italian BBQ Bacon Shrimp with Village Eatinghouse Bold & Sassy Italian

Ready to try the new line of sauces? Come by our gourmet food section! More recipe suggestions are available in store or online on the company’s website! You can also find more recipes for Ashcombe products on our website.

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