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Let’s Get Shakin’

Let’s Get Shakin’! There’s nothing quite like businesses supporting other businesses. Recently, Two Sisters’ Mixers (TSM) launched in Mechanicsburg, right down the road from Ashcombe! This new business allows customers to create high quality, unique cocktails at home. Become your own kind of mixologist with the Two Sisters’ Mixers boxes.

Two Sister’s Mixers is owned and operated by Jackie Schubert and her sister, Kelly. Together they create handcrafted, artisan cocktail mixers using fresh ingredients including fresh herbs bought right here at Ashcombe! Jackie told Ashcombe, “We have used herbs in our mixers that I have actually grown from plants purchased at Ashcombe – when I planted them last spring, I never expected to have a small business, but I do now!” Try the Grapefruit Rosemary Sidecar with fresh sprigs of rosemary (recipe below)!

The two sisters hatched their idea over drinks while down at the shore. Kelly is a Food Scientist with 29 years of experience creating unique innovative flavor pairings. She crafts each TSM box to include thoughtfully paired and locally sourced ingredients. Jackie, a Speech-Language Pathologist, is embracing entrepreneurship as she tackles this new business venture and all the creative requirements that come with it.

A lot of thought goes into each expertly crafted Two Sisters’ Mixers box. Kelly and Jackie sit down before creating a recipe and consider what flavor pairings they’re looking for, what fruits are in season, and most importantly, what their customers want!

TSM is determined to provide their customers with the best product they possibly can. Ingredients are always fresh and almost always locally sourced. That’s why seasonal produce and ingredients are the backbone of each mixer you purchase. They select fruits and herbs at the height of freshness for the best flavor. The herbs are even home grown in Jackie’s back yard! Mint, rosemary, and thyme are hand cut from the garden right before packaging.

The sisters are always looking for new and exciting flavors. If they can’t find something locally, they will research and taste test different sources and brands until they find the very best ingredient to compliment the product. Jackie and Kelly are always striving to give the best flavor pairings they can with a little tweak here or a higher spice level there. For example, before creating their Cranberry Chai mixer, they evaluated six different types of tea to finally find the one that compliments the fruitiness of the cranberry, and the signature spice notes in their custom chai blend. I don’t know about you, but that might be at my holiday party this year!

Cranberry Chai

Speaking of holidays! Two Sisters’ Mixers is offering holiday drink boxes! Flavors include the Cranberry Chai, or as their customers call it “Christmas in a Glass.” Try the Dark Chocolate Peppermint box for a minty, refreshing taste, or ring in the New Year with a Mimosa box! The holiday boxes are available after December 1st.

For espresso lovers out there, Two Sisters’ Mixers makes espresso boxes with two flavor varieties! The first box coming out will include Double Chocolate Mocha and Hazelnut mixers. The second espresso box will be Salted Caramel and Peppermint Kisses.

Whether you’re having a party or just looking for a way to spice up a night at home, Two Sisters’ Mixers has a box for you. Seasonal and tasty, these cocktails make the perfect addition to any event. Each cocktail box comes with all the ingredients you need (minus the booze), to make a handcrafted, fresh tasting, delicious cocktail. The box includes a liquid mixer created by Two Sisters’ and a recipe for creating the perfect libation.

Two Sisters’ Mixers is unfortunately not a subscription-based business – yet! For the freshest ingredients, you can order your mini, regular, or party sized boxes on a week-to-week basis. The company is offering gift cards for the upcoming holiday season. You can also preorder your handcrafted holiday beverages from TSM directly. The company rotates the boxes but always tries to have new offerings for their customers.

Looking for something extra special? Contact Two Sisters’ Mixers and ask them about custom mixers! For weddings or special events, you can’t go wrong with a signature drink.

This weekend TSM will be joining us at Ashcombe’s Holiday Open House from 10am-4pm. More information on that event can be found on the Holiday Open House webpage.

On December 4th join Two Sisters’ Mixers at the Middletown based Tattered Flag distillery for a launch party where Tattered Flag’s award winning spirits will be paired with Two Sisters’ Mixers. Be sure to follow TSM on Facebook at Two Sisters Mixers and check their website as more information regarding the launch party will be coming shortly.

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