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DIY Strawberry Jar With Pansies!

Pansy Strawberry Jar

Plant your own DIY Strawberry Jar with Pansies. Strawberry jars aren’t just for strawberries. These jars are great for planting the delicious fruit which will grow out of the holes and down the sides of the jar allowing for easy harvesting. Strawberry jars are an easy way to make an interesting flower arrangement. Kerri walks you through how to plant a strawberry jar with pansies just in time for Spring and gives you her secret tip for watering a strawberry jar planted with flowers!

Pansies are one of the first plants you can get into the garden in early March because they do well in cooler temperatures. These jars are great for pansies, begonias, and portulaca.

  1. Fill your jar with soil only to the first level of holes. This allows you to work from the inside and help the flower roots through the holes.
Fill to the first level

2. Use a PVC pipe with drilled holes in the center of the jar to make watering your plants easier. In the hot months, the PVC pipe will get water directly to the roots of the plants. Water directly into the center of the pipe.

PVC Pipe to water all the plants

3. Fill up to the next level of holes and work from the inside to pull your plants through. Then fill to the top with more soil.

Fill with more soil

4. Arrange more plants around the top of the jar to camouflage your PVC pipe.

Camouflage your PVC pipe

Pansy Care:

Pansies like 6-8 hours of sun exposure everyday. Keep an eye on temperatures! Be sure to bring the plants inside if temperatures drop near 25 degrees.

Pansy Care
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  1. Katie Colon on April 17, 2024 at 10:44 am

    Before placing the prepared PVC, wrap it in screen mesh, or landscape fabric and it’ll retain the soil so it will not allow soil into the tube, which, over time will happen

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