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DIY Spring Wreath!

DIY Spring Wreath

Make a DIY Spring Wreath for your front door this season!

Spring is upon us. It’s a little too early to be out in the garden getting your hands dirty. But there are other ways to start getting ready for the season! Spring décor is easy to make at home as a craft project for yourself or your kids.

Making a spring wreath can sometimes seem like a daunting task to those who have not done it before. Our floral designer Nedra has 27 years experience and is here to show you how to make a spring wreath with materials from our store! Follow this step by step guide to create your perfect spring wreath.

  1. Size
18" 24" spring wreath for a standard sized front door

Most front doors are 36” wide and you don’t want your wreath to appear too small. The best size wreath for a standard front door is 18”-24”. Keep in mind, the bigger the size, the more area you will have to cover when laying out your foliage and flowers.

2. Base

Grapevine bases work great for a spring wreath

Start with a simple base. A grape vine base is the easiest to work with. You can also work with a metal wire base if you’re looking for a heavier, more colorful wreath. Wire bases are also great for wreaths featuring fruits or other heavy objects.

3. Add Foliage

Ivy foliage is great for spring wreaths

Add ivy or lambs’ ear as the start. You’ll want something with a lot of foliage to fill the space between your flowers. There are so many options for greenery it’s impossible to list them all!

4. Choose a Color Scheme

Choose a color scheme for your spring wreath

Choosing your colors can be the most fun! Match your wreath to something you have coming up in the front yard. Use some of the colors from your home, shutters, or other décor on your front porch. School colors, team colors, or just your favorite colors, you can’t go wrong here!

5. Assemble

Assemble your spring wreath with a glue gun or wreath wire

Put your wreath together is easy! Cut your flowers to your desired size. If you’re working with a grape vine base, assembly is as simple as using a bit of hot glue and sticking the stems of your foliage into the grapevine. Using a wire base, you can choose zip ties, wreath wire, hot glue, or even string to connect your décor to the base. If you’re not sure what you want to do, play around with the layout before adding the glue, this way you can move things around and make your wreath perfect for you.

6. Beautiful Bow

Don't forget the bow for your spring wreath

Every spring wreath should have a beautiful bow to finish out the design. Ribbon bows are simple and easy to make, or you can buy a premade bow and attach with hot glue or wreath wire.

7. “But I’m bad at crafts!”

Wreaths are simple, and following these steps will ensure a beautiful end product. If you’re still on the edge, come into our store and see Nedra’s selection of completed spring wreaths available for purchase or ask for a custom wreath to fit your vision!

Check out our YouTube video where Kerri and Nedra walk you through how to make a purple, yellow, and ivy wreath.

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