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Cyclamen is a lovely flowering plant appreciated for its habit of blooming in winter when flowers are so scarce. The plant develops from an underground corm, or tuber, similar to a bulb. The leaves are generally deep green with pale green markings, which nicely set off the pink, white or red blooms. Even when not in flower, the foliage, with its mottled markings, is interesting.

Cyclamen will tolerate average room temperatures of no more than 65-70°F during the day, but cooler temperatures will prolong the blooming period. Night temperatures should be approximately 50-55°F.
It should be placed in a spot where it will receive very bright, indirect light, although a little sun may be helpful. The soil should not be kept wet, however, it must not dry out completely either. Fertilize at half the recommended strength once every two weeks during flowering.

Cyclamen require a rest period after flowering. Gradually reduce watering and stop fertilizing as leaves die down. Allow soil to dry completely when all leaves are gone. Plant should be then kept in a cool location until spring. At that time, re-pot corm in fresh soil making sure that the top half of the corm is above the soil line to prevent corm rot. Water well after re-potting. Plant may be placed outside after danger of frost is past or kept indoors in
a sunny, cool window (about 70°F maximum). Flowering should occur in this area about late December or early January.

Cyclamen may be started in spring or summer by corm division, as they take up to 18 months to bloom.

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