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Amaryllis is one of the easiest bulbs to care for, that will flower out of season indoors. They can provide bright flowers during the dark months of winter. Amaryllis can be kept as a house plant for years with the right care. Thriving best when the roots are crowded, they require a pot 2-4 inches wider than the bulb. They bloom for 2-4 weeks, usually between December and April.

LIGHT: Indirect sun is needed when the bulb starts to flower. Partial shade helps to bring out brilliant color of flowers.

TEMPERATURE: A warm temperature is needed for forcing into flower; cool conditions make flowers last longer.

MOISTURE: Water well after potting, then keep on the dry side until root growth is started. Then keep moist while growing.

PROPAGATION: Propagate from seed (three years to flowering) or divide bulbs at potting time (two years to flowering).

POTTING: Use a well-drained potting mix, potting the bulbs into a five to seven inch pot. Allow one inch of soil around the bulb. Leave the upper third of the bulb exposed above the soil. Water well and don’t water again until it sprouts. After it sprouts move it into the sun and begin watering. Move to the shade when it’s ready to flower.

FERTILIZER: Apply water-soluble house plant fertilizer once a month during growth season, or as long as leaves are green.

INSECTS: Amaryllis is subject to spider mites and mealy bugs. Treat with insecticide.

REMARKS: After the bulb has flowered, place outdoors in a semi-shady location for summer growth. In the fall when leaves die down, store in a cool, dry location until signs of growth appear in late fall or winter.

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