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27 Years With Ashcombe!

Our floral designer Nedra has 27 years of experience with Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouse creating beautiful custom flower arrangements. Nedra can always be found at our dried flower counter creating a new arrangement, designing a wreath, or building one of your custom arrangements. Her craftsmanship is a marvel and watching her work is mesmerizing. We are taking a dive into the mind and life of Nedra to learn how and why she is as good as she is!

“I love working with people, being creative, and in the end making people happy!”

Nedra floral designer

How long have you been a florist and when did your interest in design begin? Before I came to Ashcombe I worked in a fresh flower shop for 15 years!

How did you learn the art of floral arranging? When I was a senior in high school; a floral designer was my mentor.

What is the most popular item you design and make here at Ashcombe? Wreaths, arrangements, and door swags.

Do you have a favorite material you prefer to work with? Silk flowers, they last longer.

What is the most unique floral arrangement request that you’ve received?  It was for a wedding and I was working with dried flowers. I made large wreaths that were placed on the side of a home!

Do you have a favorite book or resource that has helped you learn and grow in floral design? Florist Review, also The Book Flowers.

Do you have a favorite project? Weddings are always FUN!

Do you have any advice for someone just starting in the field of floral design? Take classes, know color, be creative!

What do you enjoy most about your job? I love working with people, being creative, and in the end making people happy! It is very rewarding.

What is one thing you want Ashcombe customers to know? How much I appreciate them – that they bring me their projects, and that I can create something for what they need. It is very satisfying!

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