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More Than A Garden Center

Ashcombe has been your local garden center since 1962. Times have changed, but this remains the same – we strive to offer customers quality plants and products with a smile.


Our annual houseplant event is back. Join us January 29th through February 6th for special sales, workshops and programs.  Be sure to visit our ‘Stem Swap’ to trade your houseplant cuttings for someone else’s. Also take advantage of our free potting service when you buy a plant and a pot at the same time.

Check out the full list of Plantpalooza educational classes here.

Sales include: 25% off plants,

25% off containers,

25% off chemicals & fertilizers! 



Transform your home into an indoor garden oasis. We have a wide selection of traditional and hard to find houseplants for every home. Questions? Just ask our knowledgeable staff.


Grow a culinary garden anytime of the year. We grow all of our herb plants right here in our greenhouses and they’re available year-round. You can’t beat the flavor fresh herbs bring to any dish.

Do you love plants? Want to add to your collection?  Can’t get here as often as you’d like?  Well we've got just the thing for you! Get plants delivered right to your door between March and December each year! Click here for more information.

Classes and Events are happening every week in 2022! Check out our events page to see what's coming up!

Join the Club!  Receive exclusive offers and get updates on sales, seasonal gardening tips, and more. Get exclusive emails with offers, information, and more!

To sign up, simply complete an application and bring it to our establishment. You are considered an active member once you submit your application to our cashier. You must provide your phone number or name during your transaction to ensure that your points are properly accumulated.

Click here for more information about our Loyalty Rewards Program. 

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